Should You Repair or Replace Your Car Engine?

by | Jan 25, 2013 | Automobile maintenance‎

Few years ago, the automotive engines have a relatively short life span of about 5 to 7 years. But now, car engines are very durable, lasting an average of 80,000 miles and even more if well maintained. Most engines develop few problems with power, oil pressure, oil consumption, compression, emissions, and internal noise requiring an engine repair in Lake St. Louis MO. Unlike older models of car engines, new engines have been developed to be more fuel efficient and have decreased oil dilution.
In case your car engine faces major engine repair needs, you will have to decide whether to have it repaired, rebuilt, or replaced with a new one. Repairing or rebuilding the engine may be your best choice; but unfortunately, not all engine problems can be solved by repairs. You have to consult a reliable auto mechanic to know if your damaged engine is still feasible for repair. Some car owners do not realize that rebuilding or repairing a car engine does not guarantee that it will be restored to its tip-top condition. If the engine is not properly repaired, it can just be an added liability especially when it requires recurrent repairs in the future.

As it appears, replacing your engine with a new one is the best option you have. But the thing is that engines cost a huge fortune and not many people are ready to cover such a huge expense. However, there are other options available. You can go for secondhand or remanufactured engines for your car. You can find these engines online or from salvage engine shops. They are pretty safe for use but are not guaranteed compared with new engines.

A good Engine Repair shop in Lake St. Louis MO should check the condition of your engine first before making any suggestion. If it is possible to have your engine rebuilt, it is still your best option as it cost less than a total engine replacement. Some engines have had serious damage or excessive wearing, making engine repair or rebuilding a complete waste of money. There are some auto service facilities that still recommend repairs even if the condition of the engine is beyond repair.

If you decide to finally have your engine repaired or rebuilt, you should choose a reliable auto mechanic shop that is equipped with tools and technology, as well as training and experience in troubleshooting your car engine. For a successful engine rebuilding, the auto mechanic should have the necessary tools such as gauges, automotive hand tools, compressor, ring expander, torque wrench and so on. Some engine troubles would also require tuning by a machine or special equipment. There is a good number of engine repair shops which you can choose from.

The cost of engine repair may vary depending on the repair shop that you hire. Some charge less than the others but you should never compromise the quality of service over the cost.

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