Should You Buy New or Used Auto Parts?

When you need a part to fix your car, you have several options these days. You have the option of either buying your parts online or going to a part house and seeing if they have what you need on hand. Both of these have their upsides and downsides. Ordering online is cheaper, but parts have to be shipped. Buying your parts in store means you are likely to get what you need the same day, within reason, but you are usually going to pay more than you would from an online vendor. This is where used parts come in. They are usually cheaper than buying online, and you can usually find what you need when you are looking for used auto parts in Chicago.


When most people are looking for the cheapest price on an item, they look online. This is great for most items, but this is not always the case with auto parts. Car parts tend to be heavy, so they cost more to ship. They are also not usually much cheaper online than in a parts house, depending on what parts you need. When you buy parts from a used parts yard though, you will have to pick up the parts yourself, but you can usually get them substantially cheaper than in stores.

Hard to Find Parts

The other reason to consider used parts is availability. If you need a new engine for your car, not only is it going to cost you potentially thousands of dollars for the engine, but then you have to have it delivered via freight which can easily add several hundred more. On the other hand, if you go to a used parts yard you can usually find the engine you need and leave with it the same day. In addition to this, since there is no freight you are not only saving on the engine, but also delivery. This is an extreme example, but it illustrates the point, used parts yards can easily be the best value in both price and time.

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