Service a Car in Tempe and Follow the Master Car Repair Checklist

Most auto shops use a specified quality car repair checklist. Typically, there is a used car checklist and a new car checklist. In this sense, new would be within the last three years. This is often the time period where manufacturing warranties run out and service dealers stop providing their free service. Of course, there are mileage limitations as well, and 50,000 would often be the indicator there.

Regardless, the master car repair checklist is the ultimate in car maintenance. There are a few tips and strategies to navigating this master list provided after a car service. Service a Car in Tempe for a copy of one of these master lists, and apply some of the below tips to navigate it.

Top Priority

Generally, the more prioritized items rest at the top of the list. As the list moves down, the items become less immediate. On a typical list, transmission fluid, power windows, and turn signals rest at the top. The bottom of the list may contain items such as the rear window defroster, warning lamps, or horn. Though all these items are important to some degree, there is no denying that transmission takes precedence over the defroster. This is no steadfast rule, but it definitely helps. Make an obvious exception for oil changes, air conditioner service for the season, and other legal considerations such as hazard lights.

Yellow is a Warning

Service a Car in Tempe for a look at the color-coded portion of the sheet. The list may have green, yellow, and red. This clearly pertains to good, needs review, and must be fixed. The yellow is just that-;it is a warning. It is not absolutely vital to get it done. Almost always do red-reviewed work before yellow. Red indicates an actual hazard on the road or indicates an issue that is dramatically decreasing the quality of the vehicle’s motor oil consumption or mpg. It is better to do one red item over three yellow items because of the safety regulations or legal standards of having a car on the road.

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