Regular Maintenance and Car Repair in Alexandria, VA

Effective Car Repair in Alexandria, VA involves timely maintenance that will keep your car running right, preventing unexpected break downs and helping you to save money over time. How frequently you have your car serviced can greatly affect things like mileage and how long your vehicle remains roadworthy. While in the past it was considered amazing when a vehicle reached 100,000 miles on the odometer, today it is not uncommon for many vehicles to see three times that amount.

Oil Change

It is no longer necessary for oil to be changed at 3,000 miles. With better quality oil and higher performing vehicles on the road, 7,500 miles or more is the recommended amount. Taking your car in for an oil change is about more than simply swapping out an oil filter and fluids. This is the perfect opportunity for your mechanic to check out the undercarriage for anything leaking, rusting or just looking suspicious. It also allows you to have all your fluids topped off, belts checked for wear and is the perfect opportunity for tires to be rotated and balanced.

Regular rotation of the tires will allow them to wear evenly, making them road safe much longer. Tires that are out of balance will have an annoying wobbly feeling when going down the road, particularly at slower speeds.


Fuel filters and air filters are items which are not replaced in a typical oil change. A fuel filter can become clogged with sediment from the gas in your car. If it is blocked it will bog the vehicle down and possibly even prevent it from starting. It is recommended this be done every two years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first). Running efficiently is part of the responsibility of an air filter. Replace this once a year to ensure the air you engine and airflow sensor needs is free of contaminates.

These are just a few of the items on your vehicle which require regular maintenance. For a full list take your for Car Repair in Alexandria, VA. They can help you to set up a schedule for a regular maintenance program which will match your needs.

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