Private Sale versus Dealerships: Important Things You Need to Think About When Buying a Used Car

It is amazing the number of options you have when it comes to vehicle purchase. Not only do you need to pick the make you would like, the type of vehicle, and if you want new or used, you must also decide how to go about your transaction. For used cars you can either go through a private sale, or you can head over to a dealership and check out their inventory. Some people swear by private sales; however, for the average person dealerships are going to be the safer bet.


Hands down, a dealership is going to have more inventory in stock than an individual who is offering a private sale. You are going to be able to browse through many different types of vehicles, and they will have a range of cost, features, and mileage to choose from, including a used Subaru in Naperville. A private sale is going to just have that one vehicle available, and if it isn’t what you are looking for you have wasted your time.


People who prefer private sales state that price is a big point over a dealership purchase. While the price point of similar vehicles will be lower in a private sale, a dealership does provide some services that can justify the little bit of extra cash. Large sum payments, like what you would need to buy a car, can be risky. Dealerships are going to offer payment methods that a private sale just can’t have. Cash, check, or money orders are all the options a private sale really has, and all of those have their risks to both the buyer and the seller. A dealership, on the other hand, can offer credit card payment methods, as well as financing options. These all make your purchase occur smoothly and in an organized fashion.

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