Parking Options Near Major Attractions in Seattle, Washington

Seattle Art Museum Overview

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) has its main campus on First Avenue in downtown Seattle. This cultural attraction is nested in one of the most urban district of the city. Therefore, street-level parking options are limited neat the SAM campus. In fact, the museum is surrounded by skyscrapers and lots of other commercial buildings. There are also plenty of other waterfront attractions in this bustling area of Seattle. For example, you’ll see several piers and promenades just steps away from the SAM building. Some of these urban attractions are easily accessible by ferry, bus and other public transportation services. Nevertheless, you can still park your vehicle at a Seattle Art Museum parking garage.

Parking Near the Seattle Art Museum

Downtown Seattle has plenty of indoor parking garages that are open to the public on a daily basis. Most of the garages are attached to high-rise buildings and other commercial facilities in the heart of the city. Using a custom mobile application, you can search for Seattle Art Museum parking spots at affordable rates. If you visit the Seattle Art Museum, you should probably reserve a parking space for several hours. The mobile app could be used to validate and extend your parking session at a designated garage. Additionally, you can sign up for mobile alerts on your parking time and expirations.

Visit the website to find downtown Seattle parking through the ParkChirp service.

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