New or Used? Things To Consider

There are some car buyers who swear by new vehicles, while others are more apt to purchasing gently used vehicles. When it comes down to it, both new and used vehicles have their fair share of both advantages and disadvantages and at the end of the day you need to purchase a vehicle that caters to both your unique preferences and driving needs. If you are looking to purchase a car and are unsure of whether to look into new or used vehicles, here are some things to consider.

Down Payments

Regardless of whether you buy used or new, you are most likely going to have to make a down payment for your vehicle. With this being said, it is certainly possible to purchase a new vehicle without having to put down a hefty lump sum – but you need to do your research and determine which dealers are offering such incentives. Dealers who specialize in the sale of new cars often run sales, discounts and incentives that aren’t usually available in the used car market. These sales can help lower the initial cost of a new vehicle and may be a more attractive option to those looking to spend less at the point of sale.

Credit Rating

This is another important aspect to consider – your credit rating. How good your credit rating is has a lot to do with how much money you may – or may not – have to put down towards a new or used vehicle. Your credit rating also comes into play when you consider different financing options. If you are going to finance a new or used vehicle, your credit rating may influence the amount you own at the time of purchase, as well as each month thereafter. When it comes to purchasing a used Subaru Impreza in Chicago, there are a number of dealers who are willing to work with you and your credit score to determine the best fit financially.


One of the great things about buying a new car is that it often comes with an extended warranty, free maintenance and free roadside assistance. Naturally, this fluctuates with the dealer and the make and model of the car, but typically you are in good standing with any costly future repairs.  Such warranties are not typically available in the used car market. If a used vehicle does come with a warranty, it is usually not a very long one. Used cars, since they already have significant wear and tear and mileage on them, are more apt to breaking down and needing more regular maintenance than new vehicles – all of which require a great deal of time and money.

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