Maintain your motorcycle the right way

It is a fact
We all love our bikes, there is no doubt about that. In fact, some of us believe our motorcycles to be our first love. I can’t deny that, in a way, because she (our motorcycle that is!!) takes us wherever we want to go without ever grumbling or complaining. She doesn’t have a problem eve when we are with other women and is always faithful to us. Now if only that was the case with humans!! well, enough of the heavy!! this article will educate you in ways on how to maintain your ever loving motorcycle on your own (when I say “on your own” it means without the help of a mechanic).

Important tips for your bike
Every bike owner’s desire is to have a fully functional two wheeler that not only looks great, but stays that way for a long time. If your motorcycle is parked outside the garage, it is subject to rain, the heat of the sun and even dust. Hence the use of bike covers is advised. The use of burglar alarms will help a great deal to avoid your bike from getting stolen as well. A good wash on a regular basis is essential if your motorcycle is parked outside as it can collect a lot of dirt and dust. It is an obvious procedure to conduct, but for those who don’t know, always park your bike on your own property such as a driveway as this will avoid problems such as getting damaged when kids are playing in the neighbourhood. Avoid parking your motorcycle below trees and electric poles as it will be a victim to bird droppings. Ewww!! during winter, bikes take a longer time to start. It is crucial for you to keep your bike running for a few minutes before taking it out for a spin. And most of all, RIDE SAFTELY!!



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