Learning About Start-Stop Technology at Car Dealerships in Mursreesboro, TN

Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly including start-stop technology in new models. The equipment automatically shuts the engine off when the vehicle comes to a complete stop. It starts again when the driver takes his or her foot off the brake pedal. Many consumers greatly dislike this feature, which leads them to avoid newer automobiles and shop at used car dealerships in Murfreesboro TN.

The Purpose of the Technology

Start-stop technology was invented to reduce fuel consumption and emissions that continue when automobiles are idling. Most drivers will actually not save much money because of this equipment, however.

Effects on Air Conditioning

On hot sunny days, the air conditioner may not work very well when the engine is not running. That can make a long stoplight more aggravating than ever.

Heavier-Duty Starters

Consumers commonly are concerned about starters wearing out with this equipment. Manufacturers include heavier-duty starters with these vehicles so that they can withstand such frequent use.

Devices That Can Be Turned Off

Sales representatives with used car dealerships in Murfreesboro, TN, also can help customers broaden their options by explaining which vehicles start-stop technology have that drivers can turn off. This is a welcome feature, although most of these devices have to be turned off again every time the vehicle is used.

Anyone who wants to try out this equipment can take a few vehicles for a test drive and see whether it’s something they could tolerate or even appreciate. Vehicle inventory for Al White Motors, Inc. can be viewed at website.

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