Improvement of Police Performance in Divisions that Utilize Federal Signal ILS

Police from all over the world are constantly seeking ways and methods to improve their service in areas which they are committed to serve and protect. The many improvements in technology didn’t overlook law enforcement by a long shot. In fact, there are many areas of law enforcement that has greatly improved due to the dynamic contribution of technology in areas of communication and lighting systems as well. One of the most celebrated improvements is to the former strobe light. There have been many changes to this system that has significantly improved its function, appearance and position in law enforcement. Federal signal ILS has made mainstream contributions to the world of law enforcement and its presence in the community.

Designed to Fit

The difference in police cars today as compared to years ago is a significant one. Make and models vary and are selected according to the preference of the precinct. Chevrolets, Fords, GMC’s and the list goes on are all showing up on the scene of emergency task forces and police cruisers. One of the most unique concepts is that federal signal ILS can be mounted in or on all of the models and offer tremendous service to the officers who operate the vehicles. There are many conveniences that this light system offers that can really only be appreciated by officers who have utilized the traditional strobe light in the past. Quality appearance with a strong sense of vehicle presence is what this system offers every emergency vehicle in which it is installed.

The Chameleon Effect

One of the greatest aspects of the federal signal ILS introduction in law enforcement efforts is the ability it gives for police cars to blend in with others. The absence of lights running across the top of the vehicle help officers to maintain a low profile while working certain types of cases. Stake outs, criminal investigations and drug apprehensions are all made easier with police cars that don’t stand out among other crowds. Once the situation has been assessed and law enforcement wishes to make their presence known, federal signal ILS can be activated and the process of apprehension or enforcement can begin. Many people tend to pay closer attention to their travel speed when on the highway because it is never clear if the vehicle behind you is a street car or a police car. This makes roadways a bit safer in some ways also.

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