How We Can Help You Replace Your Garbage Truck Part

The right garbage truck is a costly but beneficial addition to your waste management company. To properly maintain your truck and keep it in working order, you may find that a garbage truck part or two may need replaced from time to time. This is where RDK Garbage Truck Sales and Services can benefit you. Not only do we offer the refuse truck parts that you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly, we offer repair services and rentals to minimize your downtime!

Commonly Replaced Garbage Truck Parts

It is important to remember that garbage trucks are large, intricate pieces of machinery. As a result, they have several different parts that may malfunction or experience excess wear. Some of the parts that we offer include the U-clip, upper arms for attachments, sight guides, torque tube bearings, toggle air valve, stabilizer bars, and many, many more. We can also order parts to meet your specific service needs.

Like cars, SUVs, and other vehicles, even the smallest broken or worn garbage truck part can cause malfunctions. This is the reason that regular service and inspection from us is crucial to your truck’s health. Having regular inspections and maintenance performed on your truck can extend its useful life. Additionally, regular inspection can be used as a preventative measure to fix problem areas of your garbage truck before it breaks down.


In addition to providing you with the garbage truck part that you need, we provide services to make the necessary repairs for you. Why would you let just any technician service your garbage truck? As an essential part to your waste management business, it is important to choose a service provider with skill. This is where RDK Garbage Truck Sales and Service aid you. In addition to being a provider of new and used trucks for purchase and rental, we also offer the services you need to keep your garbage trucks in working order. While we are repairing, we will also be able to note possible trouble areas in the future. We take every step that we can to ensure a long useful life of your refuse truck.


Don’t forget about our rental offers! There are a few events that may cause your truck to have downtime, including waiting on ordered on your specific garbage truck part, needing complicated repairs, or having significant damage to your refuse truck. The problem with this is that garbage build-up does not wait. To ensure your company can continue providing excellent service to its customers, you will need to have a truck on hand for service while we are making necessary repairs. If you do not have an extra truck to meet your specific route needs, we offer affordable garbage truck rental services to get your customers the garbage removal services they need!

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