How to Know that You are Getting a Fair Deal at Automobile Repair Shops in Grand Junction CO

You actually do not need to have encyclopedic education on you car’s running systems, but you need to know a few basic rules of car repair. Listed below are a few pieces of knowledge on how to spot a fair deal at an Automobile Repair Shops Grand Junction CO establishment.

Ask for Written Estimates

In many states, it is a requirement that your mechanic should offer you a written estimate. Ensure that you insist on getting one. As a rule of the thumb, once a repair shop offers you the estimate, they should contact you in case the actual price will go above 10% of the quoted cost. If you are not sure about the written estimate, and your shop does unauthorized work without consulting you, do this:

  • Get a pen
  • Write on your service ticket “mechanic should contact client should price go above 10%” or write, “not to exceed Y dollars.”

Seek a Second Opinion

Wherever and whenever you find a trustworthy mechanic, stick with him or her. There is only one exception to this golden rule: if the mechanic requires that you carry out a repair so expensive, it will leave your bank account in tears; seek a second opinion. Like doctors, mechanics may diagnose more than one problem from the same symptoms. Getting that second opinion is simply a means of cross-referencing before you fork out your hard-earned money. When second opinion confirms the first, you should always return to your original mechanical shop. Click here for more details.

Understand Labor Rates

Shops are required to post hourly labor rates, and you are expected to pay the same. From there, the shop’s management will consult a computerized “labor table” that indicates number of hours a particular mechanic has spent on your car. The estimate is usually a derivative of book time, but the actual time could vary.

Get Your Old Parts Back

In some states, you are entitled to ask for your old parts back and verify that new ones were really installed. Just tell the shop management that you want your parts back and this will place the mechanic on notice that you have an idea of what you want and are doing (even when you do not have the foggiest idea).

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