How Often Do Infrequent Drivers Need an Oil Change in Surprise, AZ?

The common suggestion of getting an oil change every 5,000 to 7,500 miles works well for most vehicles. However, if you don’t drive frequently, it may take years to drive thousands of miles.

So, how often should you get an oil change in Surprise, AZ, if you don’t drive regularly? The answer still depends on a variety of factors. Here’s a closer look.

Time-Based Recommendations

If you don’t use your vehicle regularly, you should still change the oil at least once a year, as the oil degrades over time.

The accumulation of moisture and environmental factors causes the oil to break down and become less effective as a lubricant. Even if the vehicle sits in your garage most of the year, the oil inside is gradually breaking down, resulting in the need for an oil change.

Consider Your Driving Conditions

When you go for a drive, how long are the trips? If you typically make short trips, you may not be allowing the engine to reach its optimal operating temperature. This can also contribute to the degradation of the oil.

For those who only make short trips, you may want to think about changing the oil twice per year instead of annually. The short trips don’t allow moisture to fully evaporate, increasing the risk of contamination and oil sludge.

Consult a Professional

If you’re not sure whether it’s time for an oil change in Surprise, AZ, your best bet is to visit a local mechanic. Allow a professional to inspect your vehicle and complete the oil change. They can provide personalized advice for future oil changes based on the specific condition and model of your vehicle.

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