How a Speedometer Works and When to Get Yours Repaired

Speed often known as the measurement of distance over time, but your speedometer doesn’t necessarily tell you how fast you’re going to travel from point A to point B. They work by measuring the rotation of your cars driveshaft, and this is a crucial point when determining whether or not to replace your instrument cluster.

Tires and Their Effects on Your Speedometer

Having worn down tires can affect how fast you go, and therefore how your speedometer displays your speed. If you have recently changed your tires, then you may notice that your speedometer shows higher speeds. This doesn’t mean that your speedometer is faulty however. Worn down tires can impact your cars overall speed, and therefore you should never replace your instrument cluster based upon this. If you suspect that your speedometer is faulty, then you should get it placed right away. Many people choose to purchase GPS tracking technology to help them monitor their speed, but this should never be used in place of a speedometer. If you’re waiting on a GM speedometer repair, then you could ask your supplier about technologically advanced speedometers. These show you the speed in a digital format, so you always know exactly how fast you are going. Although some say these are harder to read, they can be more accurate in terms of user interpretation. Whatever you choose, you should always make sure that your speedometer is in top condition if you want to make the most out of your existing vehicle.

Increasing the Accuracy of Your Speedometer

If you want to increase the accuracy of your speedometer, then you should consider purchasing a GPS tracking system. This technology measures your speed over actual distance, and therefore gives you an accurate idea of when you will reach your destination based on your current speed. This system is unaffected by car tires, and leaves no margin for error when it comes to your overall speed. By having a GPS system, you can monitor your speed at all times without worry of your speedometer going faulty. They work as a great backup system if you ever experience trouble with your existing speedometer while on the road, not to mention they are very affordable to purchase from a number of distributors.

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