Getting Car Financing with Bad Credit

You need a car, but you don’t have the money to buy it up front. That means you need car financing, but you have bad credit. It’s possible to get financing for a car with bad credit, it just takes some extra work. Here are some tips to help you get Norman OK car financing for bad credit, or financing in any other city.

Check Your Credit

Get a credit report to get a clear picture of what your credit looks like and why. There’s a chance that you’ve been told you have low credit without it actually being low, so give it a check. The benefit of checking the whole report instead of just the score is that you see why your score is what it is. A credit report lists out how each financial factor affects your score.

Work on Your Credit

Once you look at that score, consider what you can do in the meantime to improve your score. If you don’t need a car immediately, take some time to try bringing your score up as much as you can. The higher your score, the better financing available to you. Even in the time it takes you to shop for a car, you might be able to bring that score up just a bit.

Find the Right Dealer

Seek out a dealer that specifically works with people who have bad credit. They are the most likely to work with you and give you financing. However, you need to be careful in finding a dealer that doesn’t take advantage of people. Having bad credit does mean having a higher interest rate, but it doesn’t have to mean being taken advantage of. Try asking your friends and family if they’ve had any luck with particular dealers. Also make sure you research what realistic interest rates are for your area.

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