Find Auto Hail Damage Repair in Colorado Springs, CO

Of all types of auto body damage, that which is caused by hail is perhaps the most troublesome. Though the damage is merely cosmetic, many choose to repair it to increase their vehicle’s value and improve the appearance of their vehicle. Hail damage is tricky to repair without further damaging the vehicle. Most policies that offer comprehensive insurance, which covers vehicles against theft, hail, fire, flooding, earthquakes, and encounters with wildlife like deer. Though this coverage is optional, it protects the vehicle against damages that are not the owner’s fault. To find out whether one’s vehicle is covered, simply call the insurance company and ask.

To find auto hail damage repair in Colorado Springs CO, customers can ask friends, consult internet search engines, or choose The Body and Fender Shop which is located on North Iowa Avenue in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This shop provides free quotes, affordable prices, and thorough damage reparations and is open from Monday to Saturday, with select hours. When customers choose this business, they will receive quality care and premium grade glass for windows and windshields that need to be replaced as a result of hail damage. They can accommodate vehicles from compact cars to RVs and Campers.

It is sometimes recommended to heat the car after damage to encourage the vehicle to “pop” the dents back out naturally: this method does not always work. Another option that some car owners try at home is using hot air on the dents via heat gun or hair dryer. The theory is that the metal will expand and the dents will disappear. While this may work in some cases, it almost always ends up discoloring the paint and leaving unsightly marks on the vehicle. Others try dry ice and then heat to the same effect. These problems are why it is best to seek out companies that perform auto hail damage repair in Colorado Springs, CO. Most body shops use special tools to massage out any dents instead of costly filler and paint applications. These tools are not readily available to the majority of home owners, which is why it is best to bring the vehicle to an auto shop.

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