Electric vehicles

What are they
We all, at some point of time in our lives, have travelled by trains. These are a classic example of electric vehicles. They are the most useful modes of transportation as they get you to your destination in no time. Well, with global warming being the main issue terrorising this planet, a lot of thought has been given to the use of more electric vehicles.

They do prove to be very useful in many ways. Firstly, these vehicles do not emit any toxic smoke that adds up to the pollution of the atmosphere. This proves to be the main positive factor.
It is a fact that electricity is cheaper that fuel in today’s world. Hence the work out to be a cheaper affair, especially when fuel prices are on a constant rise. A study shows that the energy needed to run an electric vehicle is nearly one fifth the energy that is used to run a petrol vehicle.
Maintenance of your normal vehicles is a very expensive affair. A major chunk of your income goes in servicing your vehicle, replacing or repairing your vehicle parts, oil changes and so on. Vehicles that run on electricity are relatively easier to maintain. Thus making it easy on the wallet as they have not many parts that require regular maintenance.

The one and only major flaw about these electric vehicles is that they are very expensive as compared to normal vehicles. But once the concept of electric vehicles is given a serious thought, the prices will definitely see a decline as many automobile industries will engage in manufacturing more and more of these vehicles. With a limited range adding to its flaws, electric vehicles aren’t much of an attraction as they run for about 100-200 miles. Their batteries ave to be charged for several hours before use thus making it inconvenient where time is concerned. But with the advancement in technology, it won’t take long till all these flaws are corrected, thus helping in a brighter and cleaner future.



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