Driving Habits That Ensure Many Transmission Repair Services in Centerville, OH

Hopefully, everyone reading this article knows just how important the transmission is to a car or truck they have. The transmission is responsible for multiplying the engine torque to propel the vehicle down the road, for allowing the vehicle to drive at highway speeds without blowing up the motor itself, as well a host of other responsibilities.

Still, many drivers may take the transmission for granted and not care for it properly or, worse yet, engage in terrible driving habits that virtually assure the destruction of the transmission. With tongue in cheek, here are some driving habits to engage in if you feel the transmission is too healthy and you would rather see it getting Transmission Repair Services in Centerville, OH.

Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot

A great way to destroy the transmission is to constantly drive the car while it is overheating. A typical transmission is designed to operate at a maximum temperature of 200 degrees. Experts who engage in Transmission Repair Services in Centerville, OH state that the lifespan of the transmission is reduced by a factor of two for every twenty degrees over this maximum. For those not inclined to do the math right now, this means that if the temperature of the transmission reaches 300 degrees, the life expectancy is a mere 1/32nd of what it originally was.

Imitate James Dean

As cool as James Dean was, drag racing his car and getting the girl at the end of the movie, this should never be done in real life with a normal motor vehicle. While many drivers have the tendency to race from stop light to stop light, what they are really doing is actively participating in the slow death of their vehicle. Remember, nobody looks cool while they’re sitting on the side of the road because they just blew up their car’s transmission.

So, if you are a driver who is guilty of bad habits, or honestly just did not know any better, and are in need of professional and honest transmission repair, Visit Website URL. They have a top-notch crew that can sympathize with the plight of the driver and will work until the job is done and the car is back on the road.

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