Clutch Friction Plate and Other Clutch Repair Issues

A car’s clutch is a vital part of its mechanisms, but of course, it will eventually wear out, and you will have to replace or repair some of its parts, such as the clutch friction plate. Many things can happen to a clutch such as getting contaminated by too much oil, getting warped or cracked from heat, cables can fail, etc., and so the clutch friction plate is just one of its many parts that can have issues. Here are some common clutch problems:

Clutch Slipping Can Damage Clutch Friction Plate, Other Parts
Clutch slipping is very common repair issue, and even though they are supposed to slip while being engaged, they aren’t supposed to keep doing it after you put it into gear. Too much slippage can cause the clutch to burn out, and could damage, not just the clutch friction plate, but also the flywheel or facings, so it is a serious issue.

This can be caused by oil contamination, a defective cable adjuster, blocked clutch master cylinder, misaligned release bearing, bad flywheel, etc.

Clutch Chattering, Jerking Is Common Problem
If a clutch chatters or jerks, this is a sure sign that there is something wrong, and it needs to be repaired right away. It can be caused by the warped flywheel, worn pilot bearings, bad clutch disc, loose clutch cover, burned out glazed linings, or missing dowel pins in your flywheel. Be sure to have your mechanic check it out.

Clutch Squeals, Other Noise Means Trouble
Another common clutch repair need is if your clutch makes growing or squealing noises, as this means the shaft bearings are likely defective or worn out, or other bearings like the release bearing or pilot bearings are bad. Other things that could cause this are loose flywheel bolts, damaged disc splines or damper, or bad stop pins.

So, this just shows that a clutch has many important parts that keep it working correctly, such as the clutch friction plate, so be sure to pay attention to how it is acting so you can stay on the road.

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