Broken Auto Glass, Use Experts in Chicago to Repair Your Windshield

While everyone hopes to never be in a situation where you need to break your windshield, accidents in Chicago do happen, and it’s better to prepare yourself. There could be a time where you find yourself in an emergency, and knowing how to break your auto glass could help you get out of it safely.

Car Seat Headrests

Surprisingly, the headset of your seat could get used as a tool to break your windshield. If you have nothing else, pull your headset out of the rear seat and jam the metal pegs inside of the door panel. From there, just tug the headrest towards your chest and the auto glass should crack.

Sharp Materials

Windows get made from tempered glass, and manufacturers in Chicago make them that way to resist any blunt force. Pounding against your windshield isn’t going to work if you want to break it, but objects like sharp metal, stone, and even porcelain could do it quickly. The benefit is the auto glass won’t shatter, it creates small cracks and holes.

Claw Hammers

Breaking the glass with a claw hammer is quite simple, but there’s a downfall. The center of the auto glass is its most vulnerable point, so manufacturers have reinforced it. You should use the heavy metal edge of the claw hammer to go around the windshield if at all possible, as it provides the best chance of shattering the glass.

Repair Immediately

Shattering your windshield on purpose is evidence of a dire situation, and getting it replaced is just as important. You can find professionals in Chicago that can help you with your repair, and even assist you with filing any insurance claims to help with covering the costs.

Experts are available to help repair your auto glass. Contact Frank’s Auto Glass in Chicago by visiting

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