Auto Dealers -The Bridge between the Company and Customers

It was in the year 1897 when a car ran on India’s road for the first time. This was the time when only wealthy people with a fat monthly income could have had the luck of using a car. Possessing a car was more of a luxury rather than a necessity. Now, the scenario has changed a lot. Time is scarce and people are in a rush all the time. For making their daily transportation more convenient, the masses are showing more interest in having their own vehicles. Here, the auto dealers are playing an intermediary role between the customers and the different automobile companies.

Auto dealers are into the business of selling new and used cars to the potential customers. They undergo a dealership contract with one or more automobile companies or its sales subsidiary and generally, they provide after-sale maintenance services to the customers as well processing as warranty claims. A large collection of different brands of cars, which includes both new and used cars, is a prior requirement to them. They play a vital role in segmentation of the customers and promote automobile brands as per the need of the target customers.

As the automobile production has increased approximately 600% in the past decade, it is explicit that automobile industry is booming beyond any comparison and so is the usage of vehicles among the mass. For the customers who come for their first car,Dealers perform their duty of being opinion leaders. The customers trust their judgement in cars and thus most of the times; they choose vehicles as per their suggestions. Therefore, it is very clear that auto dealers play a very important role in increasing the market share and growth and customer volume of any auto company. Moreover, they help connecting people in realizing their dreams of possessing a car.

Auto Dealers

Auto Dealers

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