All About Automotive Shift Kits

Modern drivers of today are appreciating having a transmission which shifts smoothly. It’s also imperative that the transmission has excellent fuel economy and is durable enough to last a long while at the same time. Many transmission shops achieve these requirements using transmission shift kits, which are often misunderstood outside of the automotive industry.

What is a Shift Kit?

You may have a vague idea of what transmission shift kits are, but you may not entirely understand why it’s desired or what it does. A transmission shift kit is a device that alters the shift time of the transmission. It works to increase the firmness of the shift and the durability of the transmission parts.

Why Shift Kits Are Useful

The reason shift kits are popular is that, in some cases, the engineers at automobile manufacturers offer too much shift overlap. This refers to when the transmission is in two different gears at the same time. This leads to a disconnected, smooth feeling that was common in early automatic transmissions.

The problem is that the extended shift reduces the durability and efficiency of the transmission because the friction surfaces have to work harder. The additional friction leads to excess heat, which can wear our clutches and seals before they should give out.

When a shift kit is used, it helps reduce the time in overlap while also improving the shifting action overall. When the energy is better utilized, rather than being turned into heat, you get the ability to move forward quicker and make the more rapid shift. This leads to a better fuel economy when driving your vehicle.

Customer Satisfaction

There are many vehicle owners and drivers who are happy to deal with a faster shift pattern when it also means a higher fuel economy and better durability. It doesn’t hurt that installing this shift kit can be done in only a few hours and does not require the transmission to be removed. It’s a simple, logical upgrade that most auto shops are happy to provide for their customers.

When you need high-quality shift kits, whether, for personal or commercial use, there’s nowhere better to visit than Raybestos Powertrain, LLC. We offer tons of heavy duty OEM parts, as well as aftermarket components. We also provide many videos and resources related to the automotive sector.


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