Adding Fixtures to Advertise Your Dealership Inventory to Your Customers

As the owner of a dealership, you need to be innovative when it comes to advertising your inventory. You cannot simply wait for people to notice the cars on your lot to keep your doors open. You have to actively market to your targeted audience and draw them in for the sale.

One of the best ways to showcase what you have for sale is to set up prized vehicles on rotating turntables in your showroom. By installing motion control turntables, you can highlight some of the best cars in your inventory and appeal to customers who otherwise may not have known what you have to offer.

Controlling the Speed

When you install motion control turntables, you want the ability to control how fast they rotate. The last thing that you want is a turntable that goes haywire and spins out of control. You want to be able to slow it down or speed it up at the touch of a button.

You can find turntables for your dealership that offer that remote control capability. By using the remote, you can determine how fast the turntable operates and at what speed the people in your showroom can view the vehicle on it.

Weight Support

The turntable that you invest in for your showroom also has to be able to tolerate significant amounts of weight on it. You want the freedom to put cars of all sizes on it. You want to avoid the turntable crushing to the floor because of not being able to support the car’s weight.

The turntables that you can buy today can tolerate thousands of pounds on them. They can continue to spin without slowing down.

You can learn more about the turntables for dealerships online. You can have them specially designed and installed for your dealership.

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