A Car Owner’s Guide to Buying Used Transmission

Auto repairs that involve transmissions can cost a lot of money. For that reason, when your car is in need of transmission repairs, you should look for alternatives and options that would help reduce the cost of the repair. One of the best and most logical ways to save money on transmission repairs is to buy a used transmission in Phenix City AL. Basically, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars when you know how to buy and where to look for an operational used transmission.

There are a number of ways to find used transmissions. You find them by browsing through your local ads, like newspapers and phone books, or you can search them through the internet. You can also look for these used car parts in online forums that are dedicated to selling or repairing used car parts. After getting information from these sources, list down the shops and yards that sell used transmissions on your location.

Another way to find a used transmission is to get recommendations from car dealers. For the most part, car dealers have connections to auto repair shops and salvage yards that sell operational used transmissions. Also, with their familiarity and expertise in cars, these dealers can help you identify which auto repair shop offers the type of service that would best suit your car’s needs. If you were able to get recommendations for car dealers, make sure to include the recommended yards or shops to your list.

Once you have finished getting recommendations from various sources, visit each shop or yard in your list and ask them if they have a used transmission for your car. If the shop does not have the right used transmission for your vehicle, head out to the other shops or yards in your list.

Before buying a particular used transmission in Phenix City AL, get substantial information or reports about its mileage. In this case, make sure that the used transmission you are planning to buy has a low mileage transmission. Keep in mind that the mileage transmission is the best indicator on how much life remaining the transmission has. In some cases, car salvage yards and repair shops have records to show how much mileage was already used. If the shop or yard does not have records to the transmission’s mileage, ask for the VIN of the car where the transmission was taken, and get mileage verification reports from CARFAX or Auto Check.

Check if the used transmission is in good and operational condition. Before buying it, have the transmission tested by a trusted mechanic. Also, if possible, test its performance by installing it on your vehicle.

Try to negotiate a warranty term for the used transmission you are planning to buy. Some used parts dealers and salvage yards offer a limited warranty period for used parts. For the most part, used transmissions have warranty terms of thirty days or less.

When you are in Phenix City AL, and you are looking for an operational and functional used transmission, consult a trusted and established car repair shop. Visit the website Columbusgatransmissions.com today!

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