3 Unbelievable Tips On Used Car Purchasing

Annual costs of driving seem to be getting more expensive every year. It is now expected to spend at least $1500 per year to run a cheap car. Even with the most efficient cars, things like breakdown cover and fuel quickly adds up. Today we are sharing some great tips on buying your new car from a Mazda dealer in Frankfort.

Inspect The Car Thoroughly

Before you buy your used car, it’s vital to check the vehicle for damage. You should be checking everything from the paintwork to the tires. The cars mileage should be your first area of consideration. On average, most cars will be driven for about 10,000 miles per year. If the car you are viewing has a sky-high mileage count but is only two years old, ask the dealer for more information. It could be a giveaway that the car has been used for racing, which will mean more maintenance in the future.

Diesel Is More Efficient, But Not Always Worth It

Diesel will take you further than petrol in most cases. But it’s always worth considering the full picture before you decide. If you are only looking at driving a few miles per year, and will certainly not pass 10,000 miles, petrol is great. It’s normally cheaper on the forecourt and the cars will run much smoother. On the contrary, if you drive for a job, or travel a lot, you should go with diesel. Diesel will give you many more miles per gallon.

Buying From A Dealer Is The Best Way To Go

Used Mazda dealers in Frankfort are your best option if you are thinking about buying a car. Though you can purchase through a private seller, you are given better protection at the dealer. Most used dealers will have an approved range of used cars. These cars will be checked over and any problems will have been fixed in advance, meaning you will get fewer unexpected surprises on your journeys.

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