Are Auto Parts Repair in Arizona Worth It?

Is using used auto parts in Arizona a worthwhile way of repairing a vehicle or replacing parts? In this day and age where jobs are somewhat scarce and money is tight anyway of saving money is worth considering. With auto parts the choice is brand new OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured), after market parts, re-manufactured parts and used parts. The prices vary considerably with used parts perhaps as much as 80% less expensive than brand new OEM parts.

OEM parts are those that were used in the production of the vehicle at the factory. These parts are produced in excess quantity over the requirement for full automobile production; they are then given a factory part number, boxed and primarily sold to the dealers of the vehicles for use in their service departments. After market parts are identical in form and function to OEM parts but are made by a different manufacturer. They also are brand new but because they are made using different machines than the OEM parts they will appear different but they will fit exactly where the OEM part fits with no modification. Re-manufactured parts are those that have been stripped down, inspected thoroughly and have had components repaired or replaced as necessary. The components may themselves be re-manufactured or new. Re-manufactured parts are usually the engine, transmission, air conditioning compressors, alternators, starter motors and the likes. Used auto parts repair in Arizona are just that, used and purchased from a salvage yard or over the Internet.

Used auto parts in Arizona are at times every bit as good as brand new OEM parts, after market parts or re-manufactured parts. It is risky to count on used parts that are subject to a lot of wear and tear, such as those previously noted, engines and the likes. Used auto parts are wonderful if they are body panels, wheels, headlamp lenses, gauges and the likes. These are parts that do not move in the performance of their job and as long as they are physically fit for the job then they are a great way to go.

At times used auto parts in Arizona can be engines and transmissions etc. but only when they are being removed from vehicles that are reasonably new and were totally wrecked in a collision and written off by the insurance company.

Many re-manufactured parts begin the second life in a junk yard. The junk yard operator is very much a recycle of automobiles, of which 80% of material can be recycled. The heavy mechanical parts such as transmissions and differentials will be stripped from the cars that are no more than 6 or 7 years old and sold in bulk to companies that specialize in re-manufacturing used auto parts in Arizona.

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